OUR Restaurant

Mowgli restaurant and Lounge

Our restaurant and Lounge are a quiet place to enjoy dinner after a long day exploring the sites of Hampi. We have a nice lounge area where you can see the sunset and the view of the river and the rice paddy’s is quite special. We serve home made food ranging from pizza’s from our wood fired oven to israeli specials like falaffel. But we like our own indian food very much and hope you will try it as well. Everything is made fresh every day so sit down, enjoy your drink and enjoy the view.

River view

We open as early as 7.30 in the morning for a hearty breakfast with muesli, cornf lakes, fresh fruit salads and fresh bread and cakes and we will continue to serve all food from our menu untill midnight. We have a nice selection of fresh fruit juices, lassi’s and milkshakes and very, very cold soft drinks. There is a pooltable as well so you can have a game of pool while you enjoy your cold beer and feel the breeze through the trees. views.